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Guitar Practice And Setting Goals

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A core aspect of guitar practice is goal setting.

To put it bluntly – you must set goals!

Let me explain why this is so important. Hopefully my explanation will show you just how important, and incredibly powerful, this technique is if you want to be constantly improving as a guitar player.

If you set goals you give your sub-conscious mind something clear to focus on.

When you write down your goal, and commit to doing it, you have set something in motion. By writing it down, you’re making it much more likely to happen.

So, you must set some goals and write them down.

I know this may sound unimportant to you at the moment, especially if you have never used this technique before. Read the rest of this entry »

Get 5 Guitar Playing Tips to Help You Play Better Guitar.

guitar24In this helpful article, you will get guitar playing tips designed to help you improve your playing skills.  So let’s get started…

1) The first guitar playing tip is to use good posture while playing the guitar.

You should sit up straight in an armless chair. If the chair has arms, you will not be able to hold the guitar properly for playing.  Sit up straight to protect your back.

If you get a backache after a bit of playing, you will realize how having good posture while playing the guitar is so important. Read the rest of this entry »

Buying a Second Hand Guitar.

guitar23If you are on a budget, but still want to buy a decent guitar, you should look into purchasing a used guitar. For little money you can buy a quality guitar that will be able to suit all of your needs.

Used Fender basses or used Fender Stratocaster guitars can be had for relatively cheap compared with buying a new one. This is the route that a lot of people go when they are looking for their first guitar. The best place to find a used guitar is at a music store that is specialized in selling second hand equipment. If you can’t find a store like this in your area, you may also want to search the internet. There are hundreds of online stores that sell used instruments.

Used, cheap electric guitars are also a top seller. Brands like Ibanez, Squier or Epiphone can be found for very little money. Used Gibson guitars or a second hand Fender Stratocaster will cost you probably more, but will still save you a lot of money. In return you will get a top quality guitar which will last you a very, very long time! Read the rest of this entry »

How To Make A Cheap Guitar Sound Great

guitar22Most beginning guitar players start with a rather inexpensive instrument. They usually have a mass production clone of a Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson Les Paul. The most popular clones are made overseas by Gibson and Fender themselves through the Epiphone and Squier lines. These are built to the same specs as the American made models. They are decent instruments in their own right but they can be improved greatly with just a pickup replacement. As long as the neck is straight and the tuning pegs are fairly tight, this is often all you need to upgrade to a pro sound.

Iv’e modified several Mexican made Stratocasters and I’ll take you through the process. The first thing you want to decide on is what kind of sound you’re looking for. Read the rest of this entry »

Guitars – The Fender Stratocaster Is A Thing Of Dreams

The very first guitar I ever played was a Candy Apple Red Fender Stratocaster. It was love at first touch. I wanted that guitar SO bad. I grew up listening to Eric Clapton, David Gilmore and Jimmy Hendrix, and during my college years I was a huge fan of Stevie Ray Vaughn. The Fender Stratocaster was the guitar of choice for these incredible guitar players and many more.

My tasted in guitars evolved as I learned, and I discovered that every guitar had their own personality in my hands. Some were sassy and bright, others were bad and loud, and still others just wanted to sing the blues. One of the coolest parts about owning a music store was being able to play thousands of different guitars of all makes and styles. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips on How to Take Good Care of the Guitar

guitar2.jpgMany guitar players only know how to play their instrument but there are times that they forget to clean and maintain their guitar’s appearance. It is essential to take good care of the guitar’s main parts; where the main components for creating tunes and sound are located. The frets and strings need to be maintained regularly to keep them from loosing their tune and form. Here are some tips on how to take good care of the guitar.

1.    Polish and clean the fingerboard of the guitar at least every six months. A person may use a soft cloth and apply lemon oil on the bridge and the fingerboard of the guitar. This will keep them from drying out when they are not in use. Always handle the guitar with care when cleaning it.

2.    It is important to adjust the truss rod when he changes the string gauge of the guitar. The strings tension may vary if there is a constant change of the climate. The tension tends to tighten if the weather is cold and if the climate is humid, the strings tend to loosen.

3.    He may adjust the saddle by using a little piece of cardboard that will raise the strings vertically or he may remove the shims to lower its height.

4.    When the guitar is transported, it is important that the strings be loosened. It is essential to pack the peg-head portion of the case with towel or a piece of clothing to protect the body of the guitar.
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Knowing the Parts of a Guitar

guitar6.jpgThe guitar is one invention that dates back more than 5000 years ago. Through the years, it has evolved into what people know today as a 6 string musical instrument for right handed players.

One of the things a person needs to know before learning how to play this instrument is the parts that make up the guitar.

The top of the guitar is called the headstock. If the person wants to adjust the pitch, it can be adjusted by twisting it and there will be a change of pitch when played.

The part of the guitar that holds the strings near the headstock is called the nut. This can be made of different materials such as bone, plastic, brass, graphite or ivory which may make one guitar sound different than another.

The fret serves as a guide that allows the user to make the sounds of various notes. This happens because each of the six strings is made of a different width.
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A Brief History of the Guitar


The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments today. Most of the music that you hear on the radio uses guitars in many different ways: pop, rock, reggae, blues, ballads and everything else is influenced by the guitar.

The guitar, together with the drums and the piano compose the modern music scene equipment set. The playability of the guitar has made it one popular instrument. A guitar can be played by a learning child or an experienced guitar player. It’s not “picky” about its players.

Today, the electric type of guitar is most often used in musical production. The guitar has been enhanced with a very good accompaniment in the form of the effects box. Today, guitars can emulate the sounds of a piano, a violin, even the sounds of the human voice and is continuously widening its horizons.

With the functions and features of the modern electric guitar, one can’t help thinking about the beginnings of the instrument. Where did the guitar come from? This article tries to give a brief history of the wonderful musical instrument, which is the guitar.
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Caring For Your Guitar: Effects Of and Solving Humidity Problems

guitar9.jpgUnderstanding and being aware of facts about humidity is what meteorologists refer to as “relative humidity.”  This applies to the air’s ability to take in water or retain or to dry up objects that contain moisture that air surrounds.

The best or perfect level of humidity for a guitar changes from one musical instrument to another, subject to the humidity situations in the workshop or factory where the guitar was assembled.

The humidity at the time that the instrument was being assembled set up the primary dimensions of your guitar.  This configuration of dimension is permanently sealed into the entire structure when it is being assembled.  Therefore, when humidity changes, each component will expand or shrink unevenly and yet the dimensions of the guitar’s structure will remain uniformly constant.

The most frustrating problem in the care and maintenance of a guitar of high quality is the wood’s tendency to either expand or shrink with humidity changes.  Damage brought about by humidity changes requires costly repairs because high quality guitars are made from solid wood. These guitars are expensive the sound is superior compared to the lower priced instruments.   However, solid woods are very susceptible to changes in humidity because of  their propensity to expand or shrink.
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Practical Guide to Practice Changing Chords


How quickly can your fretting hand switch from one chord to another?  The speed and confidence you have in making chord changes will be key to further mastering the guitar and successfully playing and creating music for the instrument.

The key to learning any instrument, like most intricate human activity, is to develop brain and muscle coordination, more commonly called, muscle memory needed to play the instrument.  If you picture a basketball player, for instance, the key to a good shooting performance is the proper hand-to-eye coordination in order to bring the ball up, prepare, aim, and throw it towards the hoop.  The different muscles of the arms, wrist and hands will learn the right movements and strength needed to score.  Constant practice will condition the brain, eyes, and entire body to know the routine of shooting the ball.

This is similar to guitar playing.  The muscles involved would be the arms, wrists and the fingers, with the eyes, ears and brain working in unison to relate the movements to the music being read and the notes produced by the guitar.  This is the mechanism that works when a guitar player starts to change chords.
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